Setting up an ITT

Hi there,

Love those ITT’s and the starting grid and so on. Would love to run a few for friends and club members.
I have set up a club, but haven’t figured out a way to set up a TT.
Thanks for your help.

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You can’t. Clubs was not really designed for racing although it mostly works.

Maybe email who can see if they can set it up for you depending how busy they are.

thanks for the quick reply.
not what i wAnted to hear - i was hoping to run a weekly tt for my gang here in montreal - and beyond.
we have a summer series outdoors and i hoped to continue it for our miserable winter!!
will check with Zwift.


if you run an event and make sure everyone is on TT bikes it would work just no conveyor belt start

I wonder why they don’t let organizers use the conveyors… mass-start TTs are unappealing (tho they do give you a better idea of how you are faring against your competitors :slight_smile:).


Hello folks,

I am new to event “holding” and would love to understand how I can optimize the TT experience for the folks I ride with…

Am I understanding correctly? If I host an event, make sure that all folks are on TT bikes, that we will get individual starts?





No, I don’t think you will. You can enforce TT bikes (I assume, @Gordon_Rhino-Racing?), but it would be a mass-start event. Not individuals.

Unfortunately ‘normal’ Clubs can’t restrict bike usage to just TT or others. I’ve previously asked James about this.

Hopefully this customisation will be available in the not too distant future.