Set Up Zwiftpower Account - Now remove ID from Lastname?

Hey guys,

I am all new, just connected my ID to Zwiftpower.
It’s al set up and working, I am now able to delet my ID from my Zwift Profile ( Lastname ) and everything will still work on zwiftpower ? Or I am able to Hide my ID behind my lastname ?

If your rides are now showing up in Zwiftpower, then yes, you can remove the I’d from your name.

It shows none of my finished workouts / Rides - with or without the ID in the Name
But it shows the total distance I drove in Profile, but nothing more.

The rides / workouts have to be events which are on the Zwiftpower list. All rides / workouts etc will appear on Zwiftcompanion but only events on Zwiftpower will appear on the Zwiftpower page. It maybe worth you using Strava (there is a free version)so you can see your rides.