Set-up with Comcast and Helps

I had trouble connecting the Companion and seeing other riders on the course during my initial set-up. With no help forth-coming Comcast was the problem. Here’s what was done to resolve.

Recently (about fall-2020), Comcast announced they had incorporated into their modems security which will be replacing Norton 360 security beginning Jan 2021. Norton 360 was installed on each individual PC. Their new security package was directly installed on their modems protecting Wi-Fi at the front end. They defaulted the security at the highest level, which closed off ports Zwift needed. I set the security at medium allowing more ports to open, which allow full communication with the Zwift applications.

As a side note, I often notice that user documentation and helps are not kept up-to-date. Technology is always changing and online documentation can be a full time effort to keep up, but from a user point of view having current information can save a lot of time and frustration. Zwift lags in this area.

I also noticed while stepping through setup and various screens where
input is required there isn’t any question marks to hover over or pop-ups that can be
used providing more info on what can or cannot be used. Very little help
or none at all. Much of what I found was general searching on the
Internet or scanning YouTube videos outside of Zwift. Help emails have been
forth coming, but a general one at the onset with at least the main
points and explanations of icons, features would be a huge plus.