Server Status/Known Issues before ride start.

This can’t be a hard one…at some point during ride/workout set up there should be a window showing current known issues to make it clear to riders that they are entering a ride with known problems.  Especially when those issues risk the ride not being recorded at all.   Seeing as Zwift will be busy fixing issues, it may even be better to have the window populated with comments from users who have experienced issues.  Personally I don’t blame Zwift for issues, sh*t happens, but I do think that when issues occur, communication is the king.  It needs to be in an obvious place and only moved past following a click from a user, not a time bound frame (people are often not looking when loading screens occur etc).

Totally agree and if there are issues, couldn’t a simple communication of this on zwift startup be windowed.


My profile became corrupt after the Sunday Fondo Farce so I’d definitely be in favour of this too.