Improve outage notifications and known issue communications

The last three weeks using Zwift have been painful. Outages, login issues, “schedule maintenance” popping up without notice, bugs in the app, riders disappearing, servers getting overloaded. 

This isn’t just my experience - it’s been reported a bunch on Twitter, Reddit and right here and people are getting  frustrated.

If you care about your existing customer base, you need to start showing some more transparency. There’s no point staying silent on issues and hoping we don’t notice - we’re all in it for the long haul if you keep us informed and communicate regularly. If you continue with your current “let’s not acknowledge anything and just hope people don’t notice” then I and others are going to stop paying until you can provide the service continuously and reliably

My recommendations:

  • Establish a real status page  ASAP - something like this -
    The current page doesn’t have any notifications or announcements, just stats. You need to publicly detail known issues and outages so we have somewhere to look before we start trying to ride. Do the right thing and be transparent, but also save yourself the emails, support tickets, tweets and live chats by getting the issues out in the public and known.
  • When there are known issues and major outages, pin them to the top of your twitter feed linked back to the status page as mentioned above. It’s not a good look when you can’t even open the app and the pinned tweet is showing off the new look for Zwift - no mention or notification of a widespread major outage.
  • Longer term - implement a status page in the app and utilize push notifications to let us know if there are interruptions, especially if we’ve already RSVP’d to an event. “Hey Tom, looks like you’re joining the 6PM ABC ride. Heads up, we’re having server issues right now, please check

It’s obvious there’s a few things right now which causing a really bad ride experience for many, I just wish you guys would openly address it.

Similar experience today where I had to dig around quite a bit to finally find what I was looking for at > support > knowledge base > known issues.  In this case there were issues with ZML.  In game, or in ZML (or both) notifications would be helpful, along with a banner or sidebar on the support home page.