Bad Support

YOu will probably remove this post as well because it will spell out how useless your support really is.

a) Maybe not 100% support related but you feel like you have captured enough of the market to ignore your paying customers. You have top-rated request outstanding for years yet you choose to ignore them.

b) You have a ‘support’ system that leaves you completely unaccountable. It does not generate any reference and your ‘support’ staff can choose how and when they can respond or ignore paying customers.

c) Your ‘support’ has not resolved a single one of the issues I have raised. After providing every single bit of information requested you just disappeared and ignored the fact that your app is the slowest app to start up I have ever installed or used. YOu leave your user community to share ideas about why your app crashes during rides after you pushed an update, ignoring all service requests logged.

d) I am inclined to say that can be classified as useless. If you feel otherwise please enlighten me instead of removing posts that call you out on your sub standard service.