Bad Support

YOu will probably remove this post as well because it will spell out how useless your support really is.

a) Maybe not 100% support related but you feel like you have captured enough of the market to ignore your paying customers. You have top-rated request outstanding for years yet you choose to ignore them.

b) You have a ‘support’ system that leaves you completely unaccountable. It does not generate any reference and your ‘support’ staff can choose how and when they can respond or ignore paying customers.

c) Your ‘support’ has not resolved a single one of the issues I have raised. After providing every single bit of information requested you just disappeared and ignored the fact that your app is the slowest app to start up I have ever installed or used. YOu leave your user community to share ideas about why your app crashes during rides after you pushed an update, ignoring all service requests logged.

d) I am inclined to say that can be classified as useless. If you feel otherwise please enlighten me instead of removing posts that call you out on your sub standard service.

I am glad to report that after 21 days ‘support’ responded to my issue. The response - are you still having issues :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Are you kidding me! I have since stopped riding on zwift so I won’t know but this just proves my point.


I’ve contacted support a couple of times, and both times I was asked to raise it on the forum for community help as well as getting others to vote on things to get addressed. The trouble is, I’ve since seen posts that have a ton of votes and been open for years… so I get the impression some things aren’t getting acknowledged or worked on (but I’m sure they’re doing their best behind the scenes). This has put me off contacting support directly again, but I can see how that might be the intention with the community being the first line of defence to take the strain.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the cost/time/effort for development and support, and you can’t expect much when Zwift Running is currently free. But, I hope to see some improvements if I do start paying for it.


@Steve_Bragg_ZLDR Yes they seem to hide behind the forum. Forums are great to share ideas and lessons learned but if that becomes your primary support channel then you are not doing your job. Also forum feedback is mostly based on opinions and not fact (or very little). You will find more responses that make you feel like the culprit than you would with actual answers. They have these ‘way finders’ (moderators) who are ■■■■ bend on defending zwift, which is pretty annoying. Cycling as you know is not free and this is the same approach so you won’t see any difference when you start paying. Been paying for 4 years now and it actually became worse. The problem is always something or someone else - you, your machine, your network and now COVID.

It’s Watopia Wayfinders and we have each had our own issues with parts of Zwift.

Sometimes the issues is on the users end or within their environment (interference) and other times it is with Zwift.

I am not sure what issue(s) you are having, since all I have seen is you posting about issues with Zwift Support.

You are free to check out other virtual cycling software and also give feedback on what you like and dislike about them compared to Zwift.

Ride On! and see you in Watopia.

[quote=“Paul_Allen, post:5, topic:506948”]
Sometimes the issues is on the users end or within their environment (interference) [/quote]

Been there, done that. My issue is not that there could be a problem with my setup, even though zwift is the only software exhibiting crap behavior, but despite providing ‘support’ with all my info they have yet to point out something that is problematic. Since starting zwift years ago I have upgraded a perfectly good machine, hardwired my network and mover my Ant+ right next to my trainer, all despite zwift beign the only app on the machine that is sloooooow to load, having the interface of a 1970 mainframe program and crashing after every update.

Yes that is an oversight on my part. I should have posted the support references…oh wait, there are none, just me emailing ‘support’ and hoping to get some sort of response, which never happens in 80% of the time.

Thanks for the suggestion @Paul_Allen, exactly what I have done and without further ado herewith a summary:

a) No platform is without their issues but the differentiating factor is that some care about it. Submitting a support call on other platforms triggers a response within a day. They do not tell you to ask the community, they actually respond to your request.

b) Other platforms did not miss the MVP boat by ignoring GUI 101. They provide fresh, intuitive interfaces that make sense. (Rouvy though missed the boat a bit with white text on green background)

c) While other platforms implemented drafting they seem to understand that you do not draft up a 15% incline going at 9km/h and also that you do not get ‘stuck’ behind somebody while passing them. Being innovative is great but only when you understand how a bicycle works will it actually add value.

d) Compared to IRL the majority of other platforms are closer to the IRL effort needed. Exercise is exercise but it comes as quite a shock when you believe you are better than you really are once you get out there.

a) The gamification is fun
b) Since zwift has the market share there are much more events, rides and races to choose from
c) The amount of available routes keeps on growing

What are the specs of your Zwift setup? If it is a Win10 I would suggest a SSD. In my opinion this is not just a Zwift requirement, but a Win10 requirement. I would never run Win10 on spinning rust.

Yes, the UI needs to be updated, but I believe it would take a ground up approach which would take time. All software should be refreshed every 5-7 years due to the limitation to update/upgrade over time. Zwift is over due in my opinion.

Ride On!

I have shared my spec with ‘support’ many time and yes I do have SSD but again - regardless of my setup ALL other programs perform just fine. I can run the most demanding games e.g. assasins creed, at the highest setting without even a glitch and it starts up in a fraction of the time it takes zwift to start. To be honest i have never seen the zwift required spec but if they require more than what I have then I will have to get a Cray. That in my view is a) ridiculous and b) worse design ever. BTW if they ever told me that I needed a Cray then great, but they never did (they = ‘support’). It has always been forum opinions i.e. get SSD, move the wifi, move the Ant+, upgrade the broadband. All opinions, not fact.

Normal applications get their features upgraded/refreshed to keep track with new tech. The zwift gui is not an upgrade since the BASIC never existed. Imagine a world where you have to shutdown and restart MS Word to create a new document or where you have to close and restart your browser to open a different website. Overdue? The worse MVP release I’ve come across and this MVP (which you would build on) never got the missed features that is should have had if the product manager could spell MVP.