Operating status

You should send out immediate notifications through the app when your software is having problems. Can´t describe how annoying it is to be dressed up in my stupid lycra, rushing to make a race - just to realize your buggy software is down. :frowning:

I just logged into Zwift and it seems there are almost 3000 people riding right now without issue. Are you sure the issue is not on your end?

Hi Arnt,

We are not aware of any service outages at this time. I’d double-check your network connection.

Also, we *will* be having a status page soon so you can check against that as well.

Outages are best communicated through twitter. If the Zwift networks are down then the app may not be able to get a meaningful status. 

Ist there a current server issue? Can’t Log in with Windows App Android ZML in Android.