little things....

  1. On the paused screen, ‘your best’ fields not populated.
  2. Same, your totals should have feet climbed using the same unit as this ride. My vote would be feet for both.
  3. Need persistent login.
  4. Need user configurable metrics when riding. I would like to see avg power and calories for example.

It would really be helpful to have a list of known issues, bugs, etc, and if they’re on the list to be addressed or not. I keep seeing the same issues pointed out here, in strava discussions, FB, etc., with no indication when/if they’ll be addressed. Thus, when I notice something while riding, I have no idea if it’s worth mentioning. Point being, zwift could get better data from riders.

Hi Anthony,

  1. That’s coming eventually.
  2. Also coming soon.
  3. This may be a toggle you can set at some point (though many on-line games require log in each time for security reasons)
  4. This would be very cool, honestly. I agree!

The known issues and bugs is something we’d love to have but it’d take time that we, unfortunately, don’t have at the moment to write up. I’m hoping as we continue to expand we’ll be able to provide this.

+1 on bug log, really guys, a bugs log is nothing more than a table that someone edits/ updates once daily with a column for bug, status.  Like everything of this sort the sooner you start the easier it is to keep up, but once the list starts to get long then the task starts to look too hard to do.  Simply a quality control thing.  I can not believe a programmer somewhere doesn’t have one started already.  Maybe one of your loyal testers would be willing to maintain it?