Changelog from the Zwift folks?

(Mark Williams) #1

Is there anywhere I can find out about updates and new features to Zwift as they occur? The last post I see on the support hub is a “What’s New on Zwift Island! 12/17”. I know a good deal of changes have happened since then.

I get that there’s an overhead to this and I don’t think Zwift needs to document every last bug or tweak. But I think I am correct in saying that automatic update of Strava has just been added (thanks!) and that seems like a really significant feature that more folks might like to know about (and, of course, be in a position to test as part of the beta).

So, something significant like that strikes me as well worth documenting pretty much as soon as it’s available. I don’t think it needs to be War And Peace - just “Automatic upload to Strava” would be all we need :slight_smile:



(Jon Mayfield) #2

Typically we do, but with the holidays the public changelog took a hit. Rest assured we’ll keep posting the updates.

As for the strava thing, it’s not officially announced, so if you found it (and it’s not like we hid it) then cool :slight_smile: The official announcement for that stuff will be soon.

(Mark Williams) #3

Thanks for the update, Jon. By the way, the Strava upload worked great (including Strava detecting the duplicate when I tried to update manually ::)).



(Greg Woitzik) #4

How does the strava upload work? Couldn’t find it. (I know how to do it manually with the fit file)

(Mark Williams) #5


Go to, log on and then check out your profile and ensure it is linked to your Strava account. Then just ride and when you are done you should find that the ride is available on Strava.

That’s my experience anyway… :slight_smile:



(Greg Woitzik) #6

Awesome! Will give it a shot. Thanks.

(Steve Paltzer) #7

(Frode Vullum [V]) #8

Is rider weight now taken into account when we have updated our profile?

(Greg Leo [Draft]) #9

“Is rider weight now taken into account when we have updated our profile?”

It’s hard to tell while riding, but my W/Kg ratio in-game seemed to be using my profile weight. Not sure if the physics engine is using updated weight yet. One quick way to tell would be to set a very high weight and see if it takes a long time to chug up the hill.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #10

@Frode - It should be!

(Frode Vullum [V]) #11

@Erik. Nice. Will take a ride later today :slight_smile: