Segment Battle Points (SBP) WRTL/ZRL Round 3 2022/23

Ok, let’s start speculating… what are SBP’s?

Excerpt from Zwiftinsider:

Segment Battle Points

New this round, “Segment Battle Points” (SBP) are being awarded along with the points we all know and love (finish points, FAL, and FTS).

What exactly are SBP? Only WTRL knows, currently. The scoring page just says “…all riders will score Segment Battle Points. More details to follow.” Once updated info is released, we’ll post it here.

(Our theory is, SBP are points every rider earns based on their efforts on intermediate segments. WTRL may be instituting this additional scoring to give riders an incentive to push hard on segments, even when they’re dropped from the front pack and/or don’t have hopes of being fastest through the segment. Something to keep everything battling to the end!)

My theory is it will be based on your FTP that WTRL calculates based on race history. The rider who does the highest percentage of FTP in a given segment wins.

Released via WTRL website today:

Segment Points (Points Races Only)

  • Segment Battle Points (SBP) Starting in Round 3 of the 20022/23 season, all riders will score Segment Battle Points. The idea is to place several races within a race and will create plenty of points battles amongst groups of riders. You’ll need your wits about you to figure out who your rivals are to beat them.
    1. Every member of a team will receive a number 1 to 12.
    2. As racers signup for each points race, this numerical order will be converted to 1 to 6. (example: team members 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 11 sign up, they become 1,2,3,4,5,6 respectively for the race.
    3. This number correlates directly to the group of riders you will be battling for SBP points against.
    4. Group 1: Rider #1 from each team
    5. Group 2: Rider #2 from each team
    6. Group 3: Rider #3 from each team
    7. Group 4: Rider #4 from each team
    8. Group 5: Rider #5 from each team
    9. Group 6: Rider #6 from each team
    10. SBP points are awarded on the order of First Across the Line at each nominated segment within each Group and are determined by the number of teams in the division:
    11. 16 teams in the division 1st = 16 points, 2nd = 15, 3rd = 14 etc with 16th winning 1 point per designated segment.
    12. 10 teams in the division 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, down to 1 point for 10th per designated segment.
    13. Where a team fields fewer than 6 racers, the team will not be able to compete for points available in those groups where they have no representation. I.e. a squad of 4 would not be able to win points in groups 5 & 6.
    14. A pre-race list of all signed-up rider groups for each division will be available here.
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Something overly complex and unnecessary. They should have killed FTS and give FAL to first 100 riders. Then everyone has something to sprint for and main problem is solved.

This solution is a very human thing though. Coming up with something very complex as a solution while simple solutions are available. Unfortunately leads to a lot of bad outcomes.


Yeah this is the simplest solution and actually makes a difference to every rider.

I have a feeling the SBP’s will go to the same groups of riders who are already getting FAL points. Whats the chances that those at the pointy end of the race end up in the same numerical group, pretty low I bet.

Yep, I don’t see this helping riders who aren’t already getting FAL/FTS points. I don’t see how this is going to add anything, but I hope to be proved wrong.

all i can find on FB are increasingly long and cryptic responses from what i assume was a very stoned wtrl admin. from what i gather though they just look at your historical zrl segment bonus totals and rank you on those. so people who can contest every segment get paired with the other guys who can contest every segment

and any team that doesn’t have 6 people with a 1000w+ 15s just loses by default as usual

Further info at All About ZRL’s New “Segment Battle Points” | Zwift Insider


The more I look at this, the more I think that it’s been designed on the assumption that most people use using PCs running Sauce. Otherwise how are you keeping track of where on the road the others are in your SBP group?

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I was hoping it would be something like this so the strongest people aren’t competing against the weakest. The Zwiftinsider article confirms it.