Women's Racing Series: Points Races


Greetings Mr. Bailey. Thanks again for organizing the Zwift Women’s Racing Series — reports are that it’s been punishing but fun!

The next few races are points races, rather than scratch races. Can you indicate how segment points will work? (My apologies in advance if this info has been posted elsewhere; please provide a link if it has.)

Will it be like ZRL with FTS and/or FAL intermediate points as described below?

  • First-Across-the-Line (FAL) Intermediate Points will be added to a riders score at designated intermediate sprints and climbs on designated laps. These are always 10 down to 1 for 1st to 10th position.

  • Fastest-Through Segment (FTS) Points will be awarded to the top 10 Fastest Times throughout the race at designated Sprints and climbs. This is scored per race (not per lap) on all passes through and scored as 20,15,10,7 to 1 for 1st,2nd,3rd,4th to 10th. If a rider posts the fastest time on lap 1 and the 2nd fastest time on lap 2 - the rider would earn 35 points for 1st and 2nd place.

Also, how many points will be awarded for each of the top ten places for FAL and FTS?

What are the points for each finishing position?

Finally, for each course remaining, where do we find info on which segments count? Is it all sprints and QOMs on each course?


Hey Lashley,

I’ll put out a post on Facebook soon (as well as the recorded intros in the pens that I suspect noone listens to).

FTS, 100-1 for each segment. Finish line points will constitute 1/3 of the total points.

I will post details in full in the next day of so (once I’ve written them)


Thanks, James. I’m not on Facebook, and there might be others who aren’t. When it’s ready, can you post info here or elsewhere on Zwift.com so it’s universally available?


P.S. I heard your recorded intro for the first time when I was fan viewing another rider yesterday. It was quite informative and good. Unfortunately, I think many participants have their tunes cranked up and don’t hear them.

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