Herd Points Race Question

Hi everyone,
For those of you who have done the HERD Bullseye Points race or know how it works, could you tell me is it first across the line gets points, or fastest across the line. Looking to do the event tomorrow and want to clarify a few things. Here is a link to the event: Zwift Power - Login. Also a bit confused, does the rider with the most points at the end win the race on the Zwift Power final results? Or will the Zwift Power results be based off of time?


First across the line at the designated banner each lap. Then results are the total of all your points.

I think they usually have double points last lap but @JamesBailey is the best person to confirm.

Hi Oliver,

It’s 50 points for your position over the lap banner each lap based on your position in your category (scored 50, 49, 48…1) with double points on the finish line at the end of the last race (100, 98, 96…2)

Rider with most points wins the race.

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Thanks for the clarification @JamesBailey @Gordon_Rhino-Racing

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Sorry to jump into this thread, but I just wanted to ask what is this “HERD League” on Zwiftpower. It tells me no data available:

I can’t post a link but it is a zwiftpower league with the id=917

Not sure what you mean by that. Are you asking what the L93GION of La Crit Series is? When I enter that link in that is where it takes me.

OK, so this is the league I’m referring to.

It’s redundant. I’ll remove it.

It’s gone now.

any chance we can clear off all the old leagues. I did email zp a few weeks suggesting that anything that has not had a event for a month or two should be closed but don’t see any action yet.

That or we all play games and name out leagues so they appear at the top.

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Don’t know what you mean :rofl:

I’ll have a look when I manufacture some imaginary time out of my diary

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