Seeking feedback on Elite Justo trainer

Is there a legacy thread (if so, mods feel free to merge) to discuss likes or dislikes of whatever trainer(s) they’ve ridden and working with Zwift or overall functionality?

Myself, I’m a bit interested in the Justo from Elite – not much info out there. Any experience with this one?

Ive had the Elite Suito and Direto XR with no complaints.over a few years. With only 2 dropouts over that time. I just switched to the Stages Bike to have a permanent setup, but I’ve been happy with the Elite products and customer service. Only one ride with the SB20 so far.

I have the Elite Zumo. Works solidly, even though it’s the budget choice. I’d have no qualms whatsoever buying another Elite trainer.

Thanks. I’m running a now a few-year old Direto (original model). Looking at the Justo vs the Neo 2t, and was waiting on the Neo 3, but have no idea if/when that’ll ever show up. Not much out on the Justo, even though DC Rainmaker reviewed over 6 months ago.

the leg design looks the same as the direto x which i personally found unstable as hell for sprinting on but if that isn’t an issue then it’s probably pretty good. it probably isnt going to be that much better than a direto though

I’d recommend the neo 2t. Super solid trainer

The 2T was my first inclination, though it’s about $400 USD more than I can find the Justo selling for. Also there’s just something a little bothersome, in that while I know it’s a good trainer, it’s now in it’s 4th year on the market. My luck, as soon as I buy one, the next best model will get released a week later :slight_smile:

Maybe if these go on sale again though, otherwise Garmin/Tacx have these pretty-much price fixed.

I have a NEO2T and would recommend one, even if there’s something else around the corner.

The original NEO (OG, aka “NEO1”) was fantastic - Tacx hit a home run and has just been refining the design since. Nothing else, IMO, comes close, given there’s no drive-belt to wear out. Working without a power source means any power drops wouldn’t affect it so if your Zwift device is a tablet or laptop, even a power dropout wouldn’t kick you out of a ride.

I just got a Justo. I upgraded from the Suito. My main reasons for upgrading were the heavier flywheel, the sensor bridge, the flexible feet, auto calibration. So far so good. I use it in combo with the Elite Rizer. Running Zwift on Apple TV.