Tacx Neo bike vs Stages SB20 vs Wahoo: detail questions

Hi all,

I am currently on a Elite Direto setup with my normal commuter bike and am thinking of moving to a smart bike. I have read around and tried to figure out whether a Tacx, Wahoo, or Stages is the right bike for me.

I’ve read DCRainmaker and some of the threads here, but am still wondering about a couple of points:

  • Does anyone have feedback on how well they deal with large power jumps? E.g., if you do sprint training and have a 10s interval at 1000w, after riding at 200w. Do the bikes handle this well? My Direto takes too long to adjust the resistance.
  • How stable are the bikes? I am 2m (6’7") and 90kg, so quite hard on equipment. The SB20 looks very solid, the Neo bike pretty solid, too. On the Wahoo I was wondering how it would fare on sprints, for example.

Thanks for any experiences you can share!

Hi, I own the Stages SB20. I don’t know about the others, but the Stages performs great in the situation you describe. It gives the power immediately, and has no problem to deal with lots of wats. Moreover, it is robust and tough, 90kg are nothing!! ;-))

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