See Badges on web

I’d love to be able to login to the Zwift web site and see more of my zwift profile. Seeing what badges I have, What gear/shirts/socks/etc my avatar has set up instead of having to login to the zwift app to change/see it all.

There are various topics on this forum that request more access/customization from the website.  This would be another example for the Zwift team to consider. I think many of us hope that the website eventually offers more.

I’d love to be able to check in at work (where I do not have Zwift loaded) and see how far I’ve gotten on my Everest challenge, which badges I’ve acquired, maybe switch up my gear prior to getting home in order to save time once I load up Zwift, and maybe even sign up for an event.

More things will be added to our website: this included :slight_smile:

Is there an easy to access listing of planned additions? I tried using the search function… and it wasn’t very useful.


Zwift does not post road maps or what is planned in future updates.

+1 what Paul said … it’s common practice with most companies.

They do answer which feature requests are planned right on this forum. I was just hoping that someone had a consolidated list… or would merge the tickets so that there weren’t duplicate requests to slog through.

It would be nice to see more Badges as well as access to them via the URL