Search function bug

On iOS 14.4 with Companion 3.22.1, the search function to send invitations, doesn’t work anymore for club only : I have no results or partially results returning already members… it looks like the search is limited to the current members.
Even if I use the exact profile name of the zwifter, the result is empty…
I can’t send invitations anymore to add new members…
The search works well for meetups, new followings, etc.
Attachments to show you the bug…

Help please…
Many thanks for your feedback.


Hi Muriel - looks like you have run into the problem mentioned in this thread:

Suggest you log it with and also keep an eye on that thread above.

That’s a different problem than the one in the referenced thread (where the search works fine but the usual list of followers doesn’t), but of course it’s certainly worth raising with Zwift support.

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Thanks for your feedbacks.

I forgot to indicate that this bug appears only for club invitations… (I edited the publication).
The search function works well for meetup or following, etc.
In my club, it looks like the search was working only to current members…
It’s very frustrating…
My club is the only one in France at the moment and I need to add new members… and I can’t…
I tried to contact support but the new way to contact them is quite precarious…


The latest version of ZCA had this change according to the release notes:

  • Club invites can now only be sent to Zwifters who follow the club owner sending the invite.

Couldn’t that be the reason? Can you add people who follow you?

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Thx Jesper, I haven’t checked the description of last update… my fault :woman_facepalming:
I can find my followers.
That’s a stupid change… :roll_eyes:
I will inform our community for that.