Screen goes black when pedaling

Hi, I’m new to the forum, hope this is posted in the right spot. I have been Zwifting for about 2 years, everything has been working great, I have a cyclops m1 trainer and usually screen mirror through my iPhone onto my Apple TV (yes I know I can access Zwift through my Apple TV directly But have just gotten into this habit)…anyway, when I pedal the screen goes black and when I stop pedalling everything shows up again. I called Apple but everything seems to be working fine on their end…it only happens when I pedal. I broke down and connected via Apple TV only and the same thing happened. The Apple TV is the 4K version so it’s up to date. Any ideas?

Hi @Mark_Fleming, welcome to the forums.

What happens if you just run Zwift on your phone without sending it to the ATV? If it works, then maybe the issue is the ATV?

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Hi @Mark_Fleming welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m scrolling through the session logs on our server, and I’m not seeing a log-in initiated on the Apple TV. I’m only seeing log-ins where the iPhone 11 was running the game app.

Please install the ATV game app and try running it from there, and for troubleshooting purposes, let’s power off the iPhone so it’s out of the picture completely. What happens then?

Another thing to consider is that this is caused by a hiccup in the screen-mirroring between your Apple devices. See Apple’s recommendations on how to improve that:

Thank you, I received a call from a tech who helped me sort it out.

Looks like I had an old account open on my Apple TV and a separate account on my phone, they were interfering with each other.

Thanks for your help…