Screen freezes, then starts up again

So, riding along, the screen freezes and then pops back ‘live’, and seems to change viewing angle and resolution at times.

It seems to have started a month ago or so and is distracting from the experience.

Having had a bunch of video issues with my current ‘Zwift machine’, I was wondering if this is a more wide spread issue or an artifact of this system or a continuing video problem.

Intel Mac Mini, Ventura…


Not seen any other reports of this but (bear in mind i’m not technical so kind of parroting what i’ve seen cause issues for other people) this could from my understanding be anything from a game bug, to bad ram, bad video memory, device overheating, all sorts!

How is performance when the screen doesn’t freeze, is it otherwise ok or is it generally slow/laggy at all times? Have you tried a complete app removal and reinstall at least?

If the device is dedicated to Zwift (and not a general device used for other purposes within your house/work) then I’d simply do a full hardware reset back to factory on the mac mini, patch it, install zwift from fresh and see if it solves the issue.

It’s been to the ‘local’ Apple Store twice. The first issues I had was with Bluetooth suddenly dropping during a ride. Apple couldn’t find the issue, but did find a heatsink issue that was ‘resulting in processor throttling’. The mainboard was swapped and I was off. Then I had an issue where the screen seized at the ‘waiting to get my stuff on’ stage, and took it back for more TLC, and Apple just said ‘We can’t find anything wrong, so thanks for bringing it in, but it’s not the Mini’ and after complaining about having to bring it in to the Apple Store for support was told ‘That’s all we offer, and all you can get, and out techs said it’s not the Mini so start replacing other stuff because we’re done’. Someone suggested to use a Windows machine to run Zwift. Seriously…

I have swapped HDMI cable, but it worked fine on the M1 Mini backup. I guess I have to live with it until it gets unlivable and then I’ll donate it, or scrap it. I was disappointed with Apple’s attitude. The Mini makes a great Zwifting box, better IMO prior to this experience than using the Apple TV. Now, not so sure. They also said that the video issues could be the app I was running, and having people say they come to Zwift for the UI issues might be the reason. Oh well. All I want is to be the best lab rat I can be. It sucks to be fighting the tech at times. Sigh…

Oh, but the screen stopping is on both Mini’s. It’s like they are stopping to adjust their bibs. Hah hah hah…

Sorry I couldn’t help more. battling my own technical gremlins at the moment and similarly getting nowhere with support, so aprpeciate how frustrating it can be. Best of luck getting it sorted :slight_smile:

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I would have a hard time recommending the Mac Mini as a Zwift machine. Found out the iPad Mini is treated the same way with Apple support. Bring it in, no send it in, and don’t expect them to go to heroic levels to fix it. Sad because I love my iPad Mini.

Hi, I seem to have a similar problem.
A couple of weeks ago During a race, my screen freezes and start again after about a second and then continue to freeze frequently about every second. It’s worthless to ride .

I contacted support chat and got the advice to first update , which didn’t help and then to remove existing installationand install it again, it didn’t help either.

I have a Zwift Hub trainer and run Zwift on a windows 10 PC, with all drivers updated.

I had an epiphany: I think the freezing is from macOS switching to ‘dark mode’. I noticed that the periphery of the Zwift window (I don’t use full screen) goes dark. It’s still a little freaky when it happens, but it seems to be tied to that. I guess it could be a longer pause, and on the Intel Mini, it actually was longer.

I now have an M2 Mac Mini after both the older ones I have were having issues, and the blink is more like a wink, lasting a fraction of a second. The M2 seems to really love to Zwift. Just get AppleCare, and Ride ON!!

I wonder how much better an M3 Mini would be…

On the ‘take in service’, Apple actually has that same requirement for many of their products. The current iMac is take in only too. Previous models had send in service available for some (most) models. It’s cheaper for their investors I guess.

Did you, or Windows update, install a new video/display driver? I’d be thinking that it’s a bad driver. See what video hardware you have, and see if there is a way to get an older driver. Some companies support customers ‘downgrading’ their drivers. When I was in IT, I did it many times for clients doing 3D CAD. I think there is a way to stop Windows Update from installing drivers.

Hej och tack för ditt råd! Jag åker bort över jul och testar att backa display/grafik driver efter julhelgen.

/mvh Anders

Anders Yveborg

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