Screen freeze on Windows 11

I have been having problems with my screen freezing. I can still hear that the app is running & on my last ride was able to monitor progress on the Companion App but as my main screen was frozen I was unable to save the workout & lost it at the end.
I am running zwift on a Dell Inspiron 14. It has a 12th gen Intel Core 151235u 1.3GHz processor with Windows 11 Home.
The laptop is connected to a tv via an HDMI cable & I’m currently using bluetooth although I have ordered an ANT+ dongle.
This happened to me a few months ago & I removed & reinstalled the app & everything seemed to be ok. Unfortunately it has started happening again in the last week & is extremely frustrating.
I have been through some of the forum posts & did see a similar problem but there was no resolution.
Any help would be great!!
Any ideas?!?!

Hi @Chris_Mitchell3 welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m peeking at your computer specs in our server logs, and it looks very capable.

For screen freezes, I’d suspect outdated graphics drivers. In your case, you have an Intel UHD processor, so I’d recommend you check for a more recent driver from Intel (not using Microsoft Update in other words). See our support site for a how-to.

If the tips on that Support article don’t solve it - please contact my Support colleagues for one-on-one deep dive. We can’t provide that level of support here on the forum as we have a lot more agents to support you offline.

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