SCOTT Week 2020

Welcome to SCOTT Week.

One week of next-level group rides and workouts that mix it up with three stages, each focusing on a distinct cycling discipline. Road. Tri. MTB. Starting June 21, you’ll have the opportunity to try out any or all of them. Three cycling styles. One powerful celebration of the sport. Click here to sign up.

It all kicks off with a group ride involving all three types of cycling. Then come the mass participation stages. Each one consists of multiple group rides and group workouts per day, two days per stage. It starts on Monday with road, continues on Wednesday with tri, and finishes onup from Friday with MTB. You’ll be auto-assigned an appropriate corresponding in-game bike for each ride.

SCOTT-sponsored athletes will lead group rides, so here’s your chance at getting up close and personal with a top-of-the-line pro.

Take on any of the available events, whether it’s a group ride or group workout, and you’ll unlock the stylish in-game SCOTT Kit.

Nope! This is three stages of group rides and workouts. There’s no podium at the end of these rides, but if you want to put your fitness to the test and tear it up, you’re more than welcome.

SCOTT SPORTS is an international sports brand with a global approach that develops, markets, and sells bike, winter sports, running, motorsport, and outdoor products. The brand portfolio includes Syncros, Bergamont, Bold Cycles, Avanti, Malvern Star, Dolomite, Powderhorn, Bach, Lizard, and Outdoor Research. R&D, marketing, and sales are managed from the headquarters in Givisiez, Switzerland. SCOTT employs more than 1,500 people worldwide and operates in more than 100 markets. To enter for your chance to win a SCOTT Addict RC PRO click here.

The A ride says “1 lap”, the B ride says “30km”, but it doesn’t seem to show which route is actually being ridden.

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Hi @Daren,

B and C groups will be riding the same course (London - Triple Loops) but the ride will finish at 30km and not complete the lap with the event.

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This is isolated to this event. I have seen multiple events where you cant find the route details on the website but it is on the companion app.


I don’t see route info for ANY event on the website, they are all missing it!

@ObiWinter can you explain why the route info is not listed on the events website for any event? It used to be there, but lately it is missing on everything, and most of us want/need this info to make a decision on whether to join the event or not.

Thank you!


Hi Mike,

The displaying of route information on web events listings is a feature request that has been submitted and that we will hopefully be able to implement in the future.

For now, we are working on updating all the SCOTT Week events to include a text description of the route as part of the listing and you are able to view routes for all events using the Zwift Companion app.



I rode the The SCOTT Celebration Group Ride (B) today and while i had the Scott Kit applied to my rider during the event. Afterwards I do not see it in my garage. Did this event not count towards unlocking the kit?

Edit: I am on the PC Platform and Zwift is up to date.

Hi @Z_Wiffed welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m looking at your session logs from that ride on Triple Loops route, and only see 3.3 miles of it completed before you logged out. If you don’t complete that entire route during the Scott event, you don’t get to keep the kit.

Was there an issue with the game on your end?

Hi @shooj, thank you for the response.

Does completion of the events require just total distance or just the scheduled end time of the event ride?

The only issue I have on my end is the Zwift application does not offer a compatible wheel size for my bike: 700x35c wheel nor do I have a power meter. Distance, speed and wattage are never close to what the actual data on my GPS head unit report.

In this case I had met my own personal time/distance limit before stopping and logging out (IE:I was “cooked” :blush: ). I intend to participate in the other Scott Celebration week so based on your answer to the completion criteria question, I will plan and pace myself accordingly to finish.

Completion of the event means riding the distance of the route, plus any lead-in distance for that route. What’s a lead-in? You will start an event in a pen, then roll out for a bit before you cross the start arch that marks the actual beginning of the official course.

This is the map of the Triple Loops route. At 40.8 km / 25.4 miles and a little bit extra for that lead-in, it’s a challenging route once you’re on the relentless Surrey Hills.

So be mindful of that lead-in, and keep riding until you pass under the finish arch and you see the “Event Completed” or “Route Completed” banner across the bottom of the screen. The finish arch for this map is after you’ve ridden up the 15% ramp in the Underground, and you make the left turn back into the city.

@shooj, I appreciate the confirmation and explanation.

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Hi @Z_Wiffed

See this link for tire size

Zwift and your GPS wont show the same distance or speed.
See this: