Scosche Rhythm+ won't pair

I want to use my optical HR monitor to get HR while I’m riding on computrainer; but it won’t pair. Any ideas? I have a Garmin Ant USB stick, which seems like it should pick up the signal. I’m probably missing something obvious…


I have the same sensor and it works fine and paired.

Have you put the sensor in pairing mode(beginning of switch on) then pair in the pairing screen of Zwift?

Yes, it just says “searching…” in Zwift and never finds the HR monitor. Good to know that it should work, though.

Have no problems with that optical hr sensor.


Although what is happening in your case what i think is happening, is your search is timing out.

How i pair mine

I turn it on before opening up the app, because it takes a bit before it starts brodacasting ant+

it will flash red and blue when its just turning on.  Wait until it slowly flashes blue before you hit the search button on zwift to pair.

Turns out to be USB 1 ANT stick…  Too cheap to upgrade, so I’ll just live without HR (or use my Garmin 310XT to capture separately).