Save user login details for more than 1 user on iOS

Hi, (there seem to be several requests for this but they are old and in the archive section…not sure if they can be resurrected so starting new thread).

I briefly ran Zwift on an Apple TV a couple of weeks ago but gave in because the user interface was poor…or, more accurately, the stupid apple touch remote was a pain.

What I noticed was that the login screen for Zwift kept the details for my wife’s account as well as mine, just click on whoever you wanted to login as, no password required.

Now using an iPhone and this doesn’t behave the same…it only remembers the last logged in user. To change, you need to login again as the other user and enter password etc.

Not sure how it works on an iPad, but can this be enabled on the iOS app?

You mention about the Apple TV remote being a pain. Have you tried activating the remote on your iPhone? I find this works much better with navigating around the screen.

To be honest I can’t remember, it was a few weeks ago (poor memory)…

Happy with the current set-up though, apart from having to login when changing between 2 users.

I actually want this feature on an apple tv but it makes type in each time, has it been removed??

I can’t help with that as I sent the Apple TV back and now use an iPhone to run Zwift (which makes us login each time by typing password).