Save user login details for more than one user on iOS.

With two Zwift users in our house is here a way of having both accounts available when you load the iOS app? Currently we can see the last user and then have to select Change User and manually type Email/password every time we share the iPad.
Many thanks

It’s on our roadmap. Stay tuned! 

It would also be far less painful if each user had their own stored sensor profile - my wife and I use the same trainer, but we each have our own cadence sensors and HRMs; while it’s not painful to unpair and then repair the new devices, it feels like an unnecessary inconvenience.

Also, the option for each user to “remember my password” would be nice.  It might not be for everyone, but I’m not worried about my wife logging into my account or vice versa.

(P.S. Don’t limit this improvement to iOS!!)