Sauce for zwift - Latency monitor

Hi, discovered that i can monitor my zwift latency but it puzzles me a bit.

When i do latency check with AWS latency test i get approx 240ms roundtrip. (Sweden/Stockholm to aws Oregon)

When i do latency check with Zwiftalizer I get approx 170ms latency

In S4Z, in race i get some 43ms which is very low vs the 120/85 ms (not roundtrip I assume) I get from AWS and Zwiftalizer. How/why is this number so low?

Also, sometimes the latency get negative number like -4ms, -12ms, what does that mean when my latency becomes negative?

Curious, would like to understand as much as possible :slightly_smiling_face:


You can get support by creating an issue on their GitHub page