Saris H3 power out of sync on workouts

I am having repeated issues with a ~4 minute power mismatch. Every time I attempt a Zwift workout, Training Peaks scheduled workout or an FTP test its extremely frustrating because the timing between the trainer and SW are so out of sync. For example - the power ask maybe 190W - but I can only deliver 140W spinning at 110RPM. Also works the other way - that I may be asked for a recovery period at 110W and because of the resistance will be delivering 180W at 20~ish RPM. Over time I have been able to identify the time mismatch at around 4’ > 4’30". I am running Zwift with a Saris H3 connected via bluetooth to an ipad.

I did a full search to see if there were topics related to this and whilst some- none that mentioned a specific time mismatch. Thanks for any thoughts / advice…

Hi Nina. I had a similar problem once, though not as bad as yours sounds. I ran a calibration though the Saris app and then in Zwift and everything worked fine. Hope this helps.

Have run the Saris calibration - but there doesnt seem to be an option to calibrate with Zwift?

You don’t need the Zwift calibration. In fact you should always use the manufacturer’s calibration, i.e. through their app.

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just had weird resistance changes this morning with the saris h3 as well.
didnt count the time but it almost looks like its out of sync with zwift

I am having the same issue wit lagging resistance and power. All seemed to start after the latest update to Zwift. I am always behind on the terrain changes and when trying to do a workout I have similar issues with not being able to hit the power requirement no matter how hard I peddle… Then also when going downhill at a -7 downgrade the resistance kicks in and I am basically having to stand up to keep the pedals moving… The sync is off - I have recalibrated via the Saris app 4 times since Saturday…

Support told me to delete the app on my phone and re-download - I just did that and will try it again this evening but I really don’t think that is the issue - I think it has something to do with the new upgrade to zwift.