Samsung Smart View(Screen Mirror) Tablet Display Goes on standby

Running the app on Galaxy Tab S3 and it works really well. When just using the Tab, the display remains active the entire time whilst riding/running the app.

When I connect to my Samsung TV through a direct Wifi link(Smart View) and share the screen, its also works really well,… except after about 5 mins the Tablet display dims to a standby mode. I can swipe it to revive it , but I would like to have it on always whilst also connected to the TV.
I searched all settings and cant seem to find anything. Doesn’t appear to be linked to the normal Tab display timeout settings (which There is no option anyway for always on) as it doesn’t actually lock the screen…

Any ideas ?

SOLVED (well sort of ! )

Seems smart view does something that overides everything fir power saving. Even activating always on in developer options doesnt do the trick.
Several of the stock alway on apps out there have no effect either.

I found an app called Macrodroid, that does the trick.
You basically create a macro rule, applying the ‘action’ to smartview running with screen alway on as the ‘effect’
Its kinda straightforward from the app inter
Face and you can also add a quick setting tile also.

Sometimes you have to make sure your normal screen settings are restored aftrr you turn the app off, but thats probably something i have not done correctly in the config.
Overall a decent workaround