Samsung S9+ Not able to see any bluetooth sensors

As per the title, my phone is not able to detect any bluetooth sensors at all (HRM, speed and cadence) while the same sensors are able to be detected by Zwift in iPhone. I checked and found that Samsung S9+ is one of the recommended phone for Zwift. Any idea how to fix it?

Are you sure that the Sensors are not still connected to the iPhone with Zwift running in the background? I have the s9+ and only had an issue pairing an old Topeak HRM, everything else pairs OK including a newer BTLE HRM.

My iPhone is not even turned on when i try connect using my Samsung S9+… there is no sensor listed in the sensor menus in zwift…

Are the sensors connected to the S9+? You need to make sure that the sensors are not connected to the phone in anyway before opening Zwift.