Safety bike satisfaction?

For those of you who have dropped 3.5M Drops on the safety bike, I have a question: do you feel it was worth it?

Bought the Buffalo bike. Looks the same. Safety bike is too ugly to ride for an hour. I want more custom paint joi


I was told that the safety bike is the fastest climbing frame in the game. Not sure if that is true alone or with the Alp de Zwift wheels.

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Yes, that’s what ZwiftInsider says.

Safety bike got nerfed with the recent Fuego Flats update. I was saving up drops and working towards Level 44 to buy one. Change in plans now! I would be bummed if I had spent 3.55M drops to buy it.

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Oh! How was it nerfed? Do tell.

A minute slower up the Alpe:

I am just happy I did not get the needed drops in time.

My thoughts exactly! I would be pretty bummed if I spent 3.55M drops and then ended up with the SafeNerf Bike

Bummer. What am I going to spend my Drops on now?!?


858/super9 maybe? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I bought the Cervelo P5 recently, now I’m saving up for the Trek Madone.
Got to Level 20 today and now I don’t have enough drops :joy:

Love my Safety bike.

So does the Lama, Shane Miller