7 days of Tarmac SL7

I just saw this:

I have two questions:

  1. How “strong” of a finish is required for the in-game jersey unlock?
  2. Will the Tarmac SL7 be available in the Drop Shop?

Ha! I noticed that wording as well and thought it was odd. As for the bike in the shop, I would guess that it will be available at some point. There are already two diff Tarmacs, the Venge, and two different Shivs. :man_shrugging:

In any case, I guess we will know in a couple of days.

We had the Ceramic Mission and you can’t buy that. Do you think Roubaix is going to be added to France in the future? Lots of nasty roads like Arenberg Forest.

I wouldn’t count on Roubaix (and what fun would that even be for those without a Tacx Neo, right?) but, based on what I’ve seen in ‘France’ so far, I am thinking there will be a number of ‘gravel’ routes and races that take in a mix of paved and dirt roads on the same route, finally making those gravel bikes in the Drop Shop worthwhile.