S9+ won't control the Kurt Kinetic trainer, but iPhone will

S9+ will run the app, but not control the resistance of the Kurt Kinetic trainer. Difficulty set to Max within the app. Cadence and HR work great within the app. I tested on my wife’s iPhone and it worked perfectly. I’m getting very frustrated and not willing to change my phone to run an app. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi @dustin_leek
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There’s multiple flavors each of Bluetooth and ANT+ and you want to be connected using the flavors which have that control function. The relevant ones for trainers are called Bluetooth FTMS and ANT+ FE-C.

Here’s an example of an older Saris Hammer that’s broadcasting on both ANT+ FE-C and a legacy Bluetooth. In this case, the FE-C one is preferred.

When you start the game, double-check how you’re connected to that controllable device. Have you been connected via FE-C? If no, maybe try that.

thanks. I’ll give it a try

I finally gave up trying to get it to work with my S9+. I’m just going to use my daughter’s iPad until I feel like messing with it again. Thank you all.