Running Zwift on a iMac Core i7 8core AMD 5700 8GB

I I just wonder why I can not run more than 1440p Ultra on my iMac 27 Core i7 (8) with a AMD Pro 5700 8GB?

Surely the device can handle the resolution ?

Dave will be here soon to answer. He’s the resident expert on these things.


On raw power your graphics card should be easily capable of the highest resolution and profile, though AMD’s Windows drivers don’t do well with OpenGL which Zwift uses, and yours is a workstation model. Problem is that Zwift add GPUs to a lookup table manually and if one isn’t on it they don’t get the full list of options. I can’t imagine they’ve decided yours isn’t strong enough, so chances are it just hasn’t actually been accounted for yet.

All you can do is nag them on here.

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thx all for the feedback !