Zwift on a 2012 iMac

(Charles) #1

Hi, I tried to run Zwift yesterday on my 2012 iMac (technical specs: ), but realized that my GPU only has 512MB. I experienced frame rate issues and glitches here and there. I was wondering if there was an option to run the program on a “low resolution”? For instance, remove shadows, dynamic lighting, etc. anything to run the program faster… I am aware that the minimum reqs are

Thank you,

(William) #2

Hi Charles!

If I’m looking at this correctly, you actually should be able to use this device for Zwift. Your graphics card is a Nividia GeForce 660M with 2GB of memory. I’d suggest sending in a support ticket to us so we can work with you further on this.

If you decide to send in a ticket, please make sure your Zwift game is up to date and please send us your computer specs. To do that, click the Apple menu, and select “About this Mac.” This will open a new window that lists your Mac system specs. Either copy/paste that information into your ticket, or send a screenshot of that window, and we’ll get started on helping you out


(Charles) #3

Hi William, sorry I probably didn’t express myself clearly, My graphics card is 512MB, which is lower than the recommended specifications. Is it still worthwhile to submit a ticket to find a solution?

Thank you,


(William) #4

Hi Charles!

The link that you referred to says that you’d be using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR5 memory or a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX graphics processor with 1GB of GDDR5 memory. I looked both of the cards up and it says that they are supported. Just to be safe though, I’d still send in a ticket with your computer specs just to be sure. Don’t forget to update your Zwift game before sending in that ticket.


(Brad) #5

It appears that I have the same model iMac as Charles and also suffer from poor frame rate. I have just sent a ticket with a screenshot of the ‘About this Mac’ screen and also referenced this post in the ticket to try to make it easier to tie it all in together.

(Charles) #6

Thanks Brad for taking the initiative; let me know what the support team says (I didn’t submit the ticket). I researched it a bit and I know NVIDIA is struggling on Mojave. Apparently Apple or NVIDIA are supposed to release updated drivers…

Anyways all this to say that I’m a bit bummed,

(Brad) #7

Hi Charles, they have responded and wanted log files which I previously forgot to add so I have just forwarded them. It might pay you to still submit a ticket and perhaps reference this thread with your computer specification and log files so they have two sets of data to look over. Let me know if you need help with doing any of it and i’ll try to help.

(Charles) #8

Sounds good. I just submitted a ticket too. Will keep you posted.

(Brad) #9

I had a reply to say that they believe it is to do with the 512mb GPU, so it looks like we’re stuck with the poor frame rate. Unless Apple push a graphics update which fixes the problem, as I’m not sure it’s the amount of memory, as when I first joined Zwift around April last year (2018) it ran fine, but I switched to running it on my iPad and only recently tried it again on the iMac, so I’m not sure at which point it failed to work correctly, it could have been an Apple update or a Zwift update which broke it.

(Charles) #10

Thanks Brad, I was about to respond to you with the same conclusion. I received a response from the ticket saying that 512MB isn’t enough.

I agree with you that it’s frustrating considering we can run the software fine on a mobile device…