Zwift on the new 5K iMac

Hey all,

I am wondering how Zwift will run on the new high end 27 inch iMac 5K which comes with a Radeon Pro 580 with 8GB of VRAM.

Will there be support for a 2880 resolution (5K) or is Ultra with 2160 (4K) the max Zwift supports?

  • Will I be able to run it full screen?  

  • Will 2160 look good on a 2880 screen?

- If there is no 2880 support or if the card is not strong enough to run it at 2880 would I then need to go down to 1440 as this is exactly 1/4th of 2880 for best results?  



Hi Jurrien,

I suspect that Zwift will run quite well on the new iMac but the graphics card (Radeon Pro 580) is not quite as powerful as the most powerful cards currently out (GTX 1070 and up).

Most likely it’ll do quite well @ 2k resolutions (2560x1440) but may show signs of slow-down at 4k or 5k.

Honestly, since these are brand new and we don’t have any, the best way to check is maybe sneak into an Apple store, install Zwift, and run it :slight_smile:

Hi Eric,

Makes sense. But from the Zwift side 2880 (5K) is a supported resolution? So far I only saw people mention 2160 (4K).

And will it run (windowless) full screen (at whichever resolution). There is a 2 year old post out there, suggesting it can’t run full screen.

only High 1080p so far on the new iMac so far and no Ultra…

Like Jokim said, only High 1080p so far and defaults to Basic profile. Hopefully it will change in the next update.