Running with crosstrainer

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Is it possible to use a crosstrainer to zwift?
I find on the internet that our crosstrainer (Tunturi performance C55) is capable to connect with zwift. If I start zwift then zwift find the crosstrainer. But doesn’t make connection and he doesn’t find the cadance meter.

When you’re running, the avatar doesn’t move.

Could we solve this problem and use the crosstrainer?

Thank you.

Try the “Qdomyos” app. It’s designed as a bridge between fitness equipment and Zwift. The author, @Roberto_Viola , is here on the forum.

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Hi @Brecht_Verkruysse_BZ QZ developer here, let me know if you have any questions

Hi Roberto, is the ‘focus fitness fox 5 iplus’ compatible with the app?

Hi Frederik, I never heard it but in case I can add it!
Write me an email to roberto.viola83 at and I will help you
Let me know

Just to be sure that I don’t take the wrong app but there is no free trial or free verison of the app?