Running mode suggestions

Having run now for quite a few hours on the iOS app using the hidden Easter Egg, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Speed is less interesting than pace in running, so I would swap them on the UI, (in min/km or min/mile).

  2. Stride cadence is missing, which is an important metric for keeping good running form. This should be shown in the real number of steps (e.g. 190 steps per min, not the footpod reading for a single leg).

  3. Runs saved to Strava appear 90% of times as virtual rides and 10% as runs from a “Garmin” device. I have not been able to figure out when or why this happens. 

These suggestions are a big deal for me whilst the next two would be “good to have” in Zwift running: 

  1. The 60 min counter adds little value, but I agree this is very personal.

  2. The slope is not considered in the speed calculation, but I think it should. When it gets to 3% for example, I can set the treadmill to 3%, but the avatar keeps running at 0%. At least this feels like it should be a configurable option.

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I’ll add my $0.02, too…

I’ve been really enjoying the running mode Easter Egg for the iOS version of Zwift. I have a couple questions, though:

  1. Currently, Strava recognizes the initial upload/sync as a virtual ride…and will not change it. Is there anyway to change this, or will this be updated in the final release?
  2. When uploading the .fit file to Garmin Connect, cadence data is dropped completely (steps per minute, etc.). I assume this will be corrected in the final release.
  3. Will there be more customization options for appearance when running (i.e. a separate set of gear for the two different modes).

You have a great product, and I enjoy ever minute I spend training with it. Thanks

I have also really enjoyed the run mode.  Been using it almost daily.  The primary issue which I find most deserving of comment is calibration.  I find that my pace on Zwift is about 12-13% faster then either the pace as displayed on my treadmill and about 8-9% faster then my Garmin 735XT which has been calibrated outside via GPS. Having a way to adjust for stride length (i.e. calibration) would be fantastic