struggling to get my head around zwift stats

(john ream) #1

I am using a bkool pro trainer and have been using it with bkool software which works great and at the end of the ride I get all my stats as in HR, cadence and power etc and I can see averages and maximums for the entire ride. At the end of the session on zwift I just seem to get distance, time, elevation and average watts unless I upload the ride to strava. Am I looking in the wrong place and all my stats are actually saved somewhere.

The second issue I have is with the live stats on screen they don’t seem to correspond to what I would expect, for instance I was riding a flat route ( I think it was a slight incline )  in 50-11 with a cadence of 128 rpm producing according to zwift 658 watts and my ground speed was only just over 30mph which in the real world with those stats I would expect easily over 40.


many thanks for any help


(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

For your first issue, you are right. You should upload to Strava or another sport related website to get the graphs and details. You can download the .fit files from your profile or automatically upload to Strava if your account is connected.

Personally I am not familiar with the bkool pro but is there a way you can calibrate your trainer? Is the firmware up to date?

You can use ANT+ FE-C with your trainer:–Setting-up-a-Bkool-trainer-with-ANT-FE-C


(john ream) #3

thanks for the reply, the part about starva makes sense so i have now got a premium membership linked and it now auto uploads.

As for the second part i am using ANT + FE-C and my trainer is running the latest firmware. 

I did another ride tonight and it uploaded to starva etc as you say and all my stats are shown which is excellent but I’m still struggling to understand the speed/cadence/power/HR stats, i connected my garmin edge to my sensors for tonights ride and it shows the same for cadence and HR but the speed is way off, when climbing swift shows my speed to be approximately half of that shown on the garmin and when descending is shows it to be about 50% more than my garmin, I’m using a garmin ant+ speed sensor connected to my garmin to check the speed stats and it is calibrated for my wheel and tyre size. 

i have ( hopefully attached a couple of pictures, one ascending and one descending to show the issue ) 

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #4

I start to understand your point now. You should not compare the speed in Zwift with your Garmin device since Zwift is virtual.

In this forum post you can read the official answer from a Zwift employee:

(john ream) #5

Thanks bastiaan i appreciate the help.

I’m still not sure i understand and my garmin always reads more than my trainer not less as in that thread so maybe thats why I’m more upset lol but thanks for your help its very much appreciated and i will try and ignore the speed/distance stats and just concentrate on my HR and cadence 




all the best john 

(Paul Allen) #6

Ignore the Garmin. Zwift is a virtual world with hills and mountains there is no way for your Garmin to calculate all the climbs and descents. Zwift calculates your speed based on W/KG, your Garmin uses your wheel speed for speed and distance. 

When you are on a flat you can be doing 20mph, but when you hit a hill you will be going much slower. This is true in Zwift and in real life.  Zwift is not flat, but according to your Garmin when you are on a trainer it is.

BTW, using your Garmin while using Zwift could cause dropouts.