Running Achievements

I have noticed that all bicycle routes have a checkmark system for completion records and achievements system. I am new to running and completed a course twice without recording any checkmarks or achievements. Taking a closer look I noticed very few running courses have unhighlighted checkmarks for the potential to be filled in. Is this due to my low level? Will Zwift eventually allow me to record completion of these running courses? Does Zwift just not care about runners as much or something?

There are only a limited number of courses for running. You can run any course but there are only badges on a select few.
Running is and probably will be forever in beta testing for Zwift.
Of course they care but remember you’re not paying for the privilege.

Choose to disagree. Will easily stop paying when no longer cared about.

Running is free. You’re already not paying for it.


you can use the zwift app to run without a zwift subscription? didn’t know that.