Run Zwift simultaneously pc and apple tv

Hi all

maybe you can help me with the question. I have bought a tacx flux s with I have connected with a apple TV with is working fine.
Now I thought I would love to record some races which is not possible this way apart of holding a camera to the TV. I have a PC in the room as well and could record the races there.
However is it possible to download Zwift there, start everything on the Apple TV and connect the PC then. Would this mirror the view from the television?

Thank you for your help

It doesn’t work that way. You’ll need to run Zwift on your PC directly, or mirror the Apple TV display into the PC by running something like VNC server on the Apple TV.

Thank you will try this

You could run Zwift on your PC and have the PC record the ride video.

The “game” recording capability is built into Windows 10 through the XBox features. There are other PC solutions as well.

Have the PC also display its video on your big screen.

If you have PC with enough power to record Zwift why not just use the pc for zwift that way you can ride and record. The PC will have better graphics that the ATV and you have the advantage of ANT+ and keyboard functions.

But if you really want to use your ATV you can just install zwift on your pc, create a user and then click just watch and find your Avatar. For rases your streaming user need to be in the race as well.