Run indoor trainer tire as tubeless

I am setting up my indoor trainer (here we go again) and have a Zaffiro Pro Home Trainer tire in 700x23.

Do I need to use a tube with this indoor-specific training tire or can I run it tubeless?

I only ask because I already have my rim running tubeless. Last winter I ran it with a tube, but I’m being lazy and not wanting to switch it back to have to use a tube. It’s a really tight fit.

I’m concerned because the tire spec says minimum 100 PSI inflation and I really don’t want to blow this thing off the rim at 100+ PSI.

They’re not rimless tyres. Use a tube.

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Maximum laziness would be getting a spare wheel for the trainer so you never have to change it


Absolutely not, for the reason you cite.

You used to be able to get away with hacking a tubeless setup with low-pressure mountain bike tires 20 years ago, before tires and rims were made specifically for tubeless use.

Road tubeless systems run higher pressures and rely on a bead 1) that doesn’t stretch at all and 2) is made to tighter diameter tolerances than regular clincher folding tires. If the tire doesn’t say “tubeless” or “tubeless ready” - use a tube.


Thanks everyone. I know what to do (and what not to do) now.

Just thinking about 100+PSI and ‘tubeless’ makes my soul hurt :slight_smile: