Indoor Trainer Tyres


I am new to Zwift and I am going to get an indoor training tyre. Currently using my road one which will wear out soon. I have size 25 road tyre. I can find tyres with size 26, will that be ok for my bike do people think? Or is it an exact size?

Thanks in advance.

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Width isn’t all that important but wheel diameter is. In terms of width, going from 25 to 26 mm is nothing, actual measurements between tires of the same nominal size differ more than that, but your problem might be that you now have a 25-622 tire but the ones on offer are actually for 26" wheels (whatever-559). So read the fine print and check what the size markings say exactly.

In my experience, the main advantage of a trainer tire is that it doesn’t shed tiny particles of rubber when in use so it is less messy. Other than that, using a regular tire on a trainer is fine.


Thanks for that. Yes the tyre on sale is 599 with won’t fit the 622 I guess. Hmmm.