Rubber powder

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I just started using Swift,up to now I only made the FTP test. After that I noticed quite a lot of black powder underneath the bike, most likely coming from the wheel. Is that normal? Have I turned the screw too tight?


Check nothing is rubbing on the tyre. I had this and it was the turbo trainer residence cable against the rear tyre.

One of the issues with a wheel on trainer. Are you using a standard road tyre?
There are turbo trainer specialist tyres that a more hard wearing and reduce this problem.

The tyre is touching anything but the resistance of the trainer.

I should have wheels 23c tubeless with tyres 38 mm.

I’m looking for those red tyres but I’m not really finding anything corresponding on Amazon.

Yeah, some regular tires shed a lot of rubber dust. Even if it might not really mean that much in terms of wear and you might not have slippage issues, just getting rid of the mess is a good reason to use a trainer-specific tire (obvs ideally with a dedicated wheel if you have to switch back and forth) with a wheel-on trainer.

There are plenty of options out there in all kinds of colors (I didn’t realize the Conti ones are no longer orange, what a dsappointment…), see eg

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Hi Anna,

I did find something like that on Amazon,but nothing seems to fit the size quoted above.

I’m especially confuses by the sizes I find: 23c is ok but then I find a “700” instead of"38mm".

Sorry, I sense that’s a newbie comment,but finally that’s what I am :slight_smile:

What’s your current tire size? I presume 38 is the tire width and 23 the rim width so if you have 28" (700c) wheels, the size would be 38-622 (38x700c)? Rim diameter (the bigger number) is critical but rim/tire width much less so, so in a pinch you could even fit a 23-622 if you can’t find anything wider.

I do not think Trainer Tires come wider that 23mm; I looked at one time and did not find. If your rim is too wide for the 23 mm, although it should be ok, get a cheap/inexpensive non-folding tire that does NOT have a glue-on contact strip of rubber. I melted the glue and ruined some nice tires before I purchased the trainer tire.

At least Conti makes one in 32-622, Schwalbe one in 37-622 and Vittoria one in 35-622 (plus whatever there is for 26" wheels) so wider ones do definitely exist as well.

The lateral forces on the tire on wheel-on a trainer are minimal so even using a 23-mm tire on a rim with 23-mm internal width shouldn’t be an issue. The tire will obviously measure wider than the nominal width in that setup.