Smaller wheel size than the minimum on Zwift :-(

Hi, my unlisted coach is only 10 inches in size, but the Zwift has a minimum of 20 inches, so my speed is unrealistic. What should I do to make the speed realistic when the smaller wheel size cannot be set?

Hi Alešs,
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Is the 10-inch wheel that you mention a flywheel on your trainer? The wheel diameter setting in Zwift is designed for wheel-on trainers and the diameter of a real bicycle wheel.

Yes it’s a flywheel. :frowning: Is there anything other solution, than to buy new trainer with a real bike wheel?

you are confusing real wheel size with the flywheel size, the flywheel size has no bearing on wheel size, what trainer are you using?

yes, i got it wrong. :frowning: I’m a beginner and I don’t know much at all …

My trainer is - HouseFit Tiro 50