Mountain Bike Tires

Would using Mountain Bike Tires reduce you wattage vs effort. I am using Mountain Bike Tires and they emit a very loud noise when riding. Is there wasted energy due to the surface connection between my tires and my Wahoo Kickr Snap?

Thanks for any thoughts.

I might get some road bike tires and see if my wattages change at all

I can’t tell you confidently that MTB tires will reduce your wattage vs effort, but I was feeling similarly with 700x32c tires on my bike that had a max PSI of 87 pounds. I felt like the wattage that I was outputting on Zwift was lower than what it should be. 

Today, I changed my 32c tire to a 25c and inflated in to max psi (120psi) and it performed much better. The tire deformed much less when tightening it down with the knob, and my wattage is probably 30-50 watts higher than before.

I would suggest getting the thinnest, slickets tires you can and use those. 

Good Luck!

I would agree get the thinnest tires available OR you can get a road bike back wheel and put that on your Mb (yes it will fit most MB’s) make sure it has the same cassette and get an indoor trainer tire, this setup will give you a quiet and smooth ride.

A 2.25 Schwalbe Nobby Nic with feels about 50W down from my usual trainer tire on the snap.

Although I applaud your dedication, you may want to consider a cheap slick. :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to Bushwacker and discussed my options. He said using a mountain bike on an indoor trainer would tear it up. The tires I mean. I am getting some $50 indoor trainer tires.

I appreciate everyone’s help. I will get my bike back on Monday, they are doing a tune up on it as well. I will let everyone know the difference.