Equipment question

Hi all, hopefully not a daft question but I have a Kickr Snap smart trainer and use an old mountain bike on it, is that massively different than having a road bike on it?
Thanks in advance


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No it is not a Daft question, having a MB vs Road bike, lets think.

So with a MB you have lower gearing meaning you wont be able to go as fast as a road bike on a flat road.
MB has wider wheels therefore they tend to make more noise. I assume you have a trainer tire on your MB.

I have a MB on my trainer because I don’t want to put my nice Road bike on the trainer. But I upgraded the crank to road bike crank and also replaced the rear wheel with a 10 speed road bike wheel. So now my whole drive train is the same as my road bike (well it is cheaper entry level components).

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Yes I have a trainer tyre on, still noisy though :grin:
I will look in to changing a few of the components, or maybe getting a cheap used road bike instead.
Thanks for the tips, really appreciate it.

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But if you just want to train then the bike will be as good as any other bike.

I tried a group ride today and really struggled with the pace, I was working very hard but only averaged 128 Watts and got dropped from the group 6 miles into an 18 mile ride.
I had calibrated the trainer but my Watts were very erratic even though my effort was constant. This made me wonder If the bike was the issue.

That is a good trainer. I see your max power was almost 400w not bad :slight_smile:

You should set zwift to 3 second averaging.

I looked at your ride and it does not look abnormal. I did see your average cadence is very low, you should try to use your gears to keep your cadence around 80rpm.

Ok I’ll try that, thanks mate :+1: