Should I buy this bike and trainer combination? πŸ€”

Hey all!

My gravel bike gets far too muddy to bring inside most days, and I’m wondering if this is a pretty good dedicated Zwift setup? My employer gives me a little $ for a gym benefit that I can use for this, which is awesome.

The setup:
State Bicycles 4130 Road Bike, 8-speed and Wahoo KICKR SNAP Smart Trainer

Thank you :sunglasses:

Looks fine other than the 8 speed limitation but if you are strong enough for the hills it should work out.

Work fine but if you reduce the Zwift gradient settings to allow for the largish chainring you will spin out going back down…

Thank you both! How many speeds would you look for? Probably between 12 and 18?

8 speeds is fine, people use to ride 5/6/7 speed bikes bitd and survived. If you wanted more gears you could get a triple crankset for the bike and a left side shifter that will dramatically increase the gear range of the bike. You could probably find an entry level square taper crankset for pretty cheap off ebay or maybe a local shop would have one in their catologue. I don’t know if that bike has a braze-on for a downtube shifter on the left side but you could probably get a bar-end shifter for a fairly cheap.

Might also want a trainer specific tire for the rear, they are supposed to be quieter.

Thank you so much!

The Kickr Snap works but depending on how serious you intend on being on Zwift, you may find spending a little more for a direct drive smart trainer is worth it. I started with a Snap and found it louder than I wanted and I had a spinning rear wheel that I did not like having my dog walk near. I traded it up to a Kickr Core and am very happy that I spent the extra $300. It is far more responsive to the power changes in ERG mode (I could overrun the Snap at times), far quieter, and a better solution overall.

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