Hi, I do really like Zwift but the lack of routes and maps is really poor, I find its either London, Volcano or I cannot even remember, after only 158 miles I am so bored with these already, there should be at least double figures to pick from every day. I do not see how do the same routes time and time again is meant to be fun?

There are 3 maps with each having different routes.

Watopia = 14 Routes.

London = 9 Routes

Richmond = 3 Routes


I have done over 4.5 thousand miles and still not bored. :slight_smile:


Agree with Gerrie and I just crossed 5,000 miles and over 2 years of riding on Zwift.

3 routes is no way enough, I just find only 3 routes really boring. I was hoping there would be hundreds, but know how heard it must be to design and set up with cost etc but I do feel there should be a min of 10 map that you can pick from each day, just my feedback.

i ride Zwift not for the scenery…it’s the presence of other riders that makes zwift interesting. If you want variety try Bkool, veloreality, BigringVR etc…you’ll have tons of variety…world wide with plenty of choice for routes and scenery…but there won’t be anyone around u so you’ll feel lonely as you grind the kms away. It’s really really really very hard to ride long distances with no one to chase or follow/draft.

Zwift is interesting only because it’s got lots of other riders around all the time - every time. Bkool is the closest to Zwift - it’s got more varied routes to choose from and there are riders that can join the ride but there’s always hardly anyone around on the ride i ride in Bkool…so i’m just looking at the graphics around me and my own avatar…i often stop riding at the 5 km mark…i can’t bear the monotony any longer.

often after a session in Zwift…i look forward to the next time i can ride ride Zwift again. 


I have a problem with the limited routes as well.  I’ve only been able to ride Richmond once and I’ve had Zwift for a year now.  Since my riding is more sporadic - I usually get a couple days per week on the trainer indoors and one outdoor ride during the late fall/winter months.  I almost always get the London rides.

It’s almost like a slap in the face.  In the winter, I’m not dreaming of riding the streets of London with an occasional downpour.  Why can’t I have Alpe d’Huez, perhaps some Belgian cobbles, or the Dolomites?  Hell, why can’t I ride around the bay area where Zwift HQ is?  

Riding London is like getting waterboarded. This torture must end.

have you tried bkool - there’s Huez on it - or BigringVR and Veloreality has huez also.


Once riders are spreadout over too many routes it’ll be like Bkool where there’s no one around. Zwift is like beach road (melbourne)…there’s plenty of cyclist to keep company with.