Routes and XP points Run/Bike

I bike and run, I’m learning about both in Zwift as I progress through levels.

If I complete a route on the bike, I earn those XP points. As a biker, I can only earn those XP points for that route 1 time.

Then, if I completed that same route which I already completed on the bike, but this time on a run, would I also earn the XP points for completing the route in my run profile?

Again, I understand I can only earn the XP points for a route one time, but my question is can I earn XP points as a runner for the same course that I already earned XP points as a biker?

Jeez, I hope I explained this in a coherent manner, doing my best, lol.

No, there are Run specific routes that you earn badges and bonus XP for. NONE of the Badge routes cross over between run and bike.

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Thanks Paul. So if I select a bike course as a runner, even if I complete it for the first time as a runner, I don’t get the XP points because it isn’t a run specific course.


That is correct, bike course need to be completed while biking and running courses need to be completed while running.

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Understood, too bad. I’m getting tired of the same run routes, especially if I run alone. It’s nice to be able to run on new routes to explore places I’ve not been. No worries, it’s all good and thank you for the responses, really appreciate it.

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