Route segment distance & elevation

I would like the ZML map to show the length of route segments.  That would make it easier to make route decisions mid-ride. For example, find out how long the Road to Ruins loop is to see if there is time to do it again.

Hiking maps in the real world often have red tick marks at major intersections. Then, midway along the trail, also in red, is the distance between those intersections. I think the same scheme would work on the ZML map when you are zoomed out.

Related to distance, it would also be nice to know the total ascent for a route segment. Since it’s not always symmetrical, in this case the elevation gain would be next to the tick mark/intersection to show how much climbing is involved from that point to the next intersection.

Another opportunity is to annotate the turn-left, turn-right and go-straight selection icons to include both distance and climbing if you take said turn. That would work on the computer/AppleTV app.

Great Idea!