Route-based workouts?

Just curious… the This Season on Zwift back in September said route-based workouts would be coming soon, fall or early winter (This Season on Zwift: Route-Based Workouts | Zwift Insider). Does anyone (@shooj @James_Zwift) know if these are still coming? I haven’t seen a thing about them, and they seem so fun! :dash:
Custom workouts on a route and/or custom routes would be great too, especially the former.
I suppose the January update hasn’t come out yet, though…

Hans, they meant to say coming “zoon”.

It wasn’t included in the January update either. Has there been no communication on this at all? Seems weird to include it in a big statement like “This season on Zwift” and then not at least acknowledge whether it has been delayed or canned…

I haven’t seen anything, or on the Gravel Mountain map… we got Scotland though!

Gravel mountain was never officially announced - route-based workouts was announced as a feature coming “this season”. Almost half a year ago…

So, it seems it wasn’t “this season on Zwift” but just the usual “zoon on Zwift”.

I really thought these announcements were a big step forward in communication, but when it’s not reality but just the wet dreams of the marketing department getting communicated, it kind of looses it’s purpose.

I’ll be back on Zwift in 6-8 months time, hope to see route-based workouts then…

It looks like any mention of route based workouts has been edited out of the This Season On Zwift comms…


Details still on Zwift insider & DC Rainmakers site.

Yeah I just see it as weaselly for a company to make a commitment and then silently delete it without owning the change and saying “sorry we had to postpone this”. It probably says all we need to know about the feature for now.

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And this is why Zwift does not show us the road map of what is to come.

Im amazed yet unsurprised by your response…

Literally, Zwift announced their Roadmap of their own accord and fan fare. As Paul mentions, all they need to do is update the original comms with a note to say X has been dropped or de-prioritised rather than deleting the content when it is easily seen elsewhere.

Bounty program?? Big fan fare, dropped in silence with zero comms until their hand was forced.

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And that is why I say they should not announce anything until it is set in stone and in the release for the next hour.

Or… they could announce things, and then update them after things change :slight_smile:

I understand that from their perspective it would make them look bad/unorganized, which is of course why so many companies don’t talk about their plans publicly until baked, but I’d prefer more communication with corrections over just not having anything specific to look forward to. I mean, things happen, they had two restructures already this year, a new co-CEO is now in the mix, some things take longer than you think etc.

Like, when they dropped the bounty program they could have said : Hey, we looked at doing this, and doing it properly is actually way more costly than we expected, we couldn’t find a feasible way to do it given the resourcing we have, so we are not in a position to do it now. Here are the steps we are actually taking to help better react to cheating instead … etc.

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“Should” but since they went ahead with the announcement, they should own up to any changes. It’s OK to take it back if you’re transparent about it. That costs nothing and does less reputation damage than trying to hide something that can’t actually be hidden.

That’s really low. Not delivering on promises is annoying, but delays happen. Just tell us they have happened. To just pretent like they never gave the promise in the first place is just so low…

…and so on point for Zwift.

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Pretty sad to see this has been apparently abandoned as tailoring workouts to routes and doing these as a group seems like a better user experience. The current workouts don’t let me push hard for a climb or sprint section and cruise the descents.

There’s no reason to think it was abandoned unless they say so. It’s just not coming as announced and the communication around it has been poor. I think the technology for it has already probably been used in the Zwift Academy baseline ride and possibly ToW as well.

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Except for the fact that they have removed their original communications about this? That doesn’t seem like “we’re still working on it”.

And that definitely didn’t work well, so i wouldn’t take that as a sign, that they have anything even remotely close to release.

Until they officially tell us otherwise, I will assume, that they tried and failed. And on top of that failed miserably on the comms side of things (as usual).

We’re speculating. We just don’t know the reason. It could be as simple as not having resourced the creation of the workouts. Or it could be something else.

The baseline ride worked fine for me except for the reporting emails, but even if it’s buggy that wouldn’t necessarily stop them from releasing it. They release half-baked features all the time.