Robo partner location

it would be helpful if when looking at the map of the robo partner route an icon could indicate thier position. I would much rather join a group that was going downhill rather than up when I’m not really warmed up. Or sometimes I just want to ride a part of the route depending on where the group is.

the map already shows the pace partner’s location. it is a small gray icon.


Isn’t there’s only a couple of tenths difference between uphill and flat/downhill pace?
Surely that wouldn’t make too much difference?
Unless they’re going up the Alpe?


The delta is 10% in terms of base power the pace partner does on uphills, but if you weigh a lot more than 75kg then the data in wattage you have to push uphill with a pace partner is more since then the w/kg delta is there.

thank you Mike, I never noticed it.

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hi Mike, maybe iI need new glasses, but I don’t see it on pace partner maps - i just had another look. I think I have seen that icon on other route maps, but rthought it was just showing the direction of the route - too fast to be a pp.

yes Stuart that is correct, but it depends on the pp you choose. If choosing one near your limit watt wise then an extra 2 tenths can make a difference on a longer climb


ok, thanks again Mike, I finally got it!